A&G Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2013

(After you've looked over the pictures, please read the message at the bottom of this page!  lol )


This is our table setup.  I'm not sure where Sara is . . . I know she's at the convention, on account of her pictures are on the table...



Another vendor . . . waiting for the convention to open.  He's tired because he just got done unloading about a million swords!
This is some of the stuff we sell.  I modified what we normally sell at conventions because this isn't our typical horror convention.  It's an anime and game convention, ergo . . . a box full of games!  lol
The convention starts!  Man!  Look at these costumes!
There are costumes of every type, every genre, and every color, variation, etc.


Now, where is the leader of my street team?  All these customers and no one to make sales!!!


Sara!  Where are you??

Look at THIS guy!  :)
I would say, "Look at Sara," but...  
Some of these people put a lot of money into their costumes, I'm a bettin'.
Damn!  It sure would be nice if we had someone behind the table making sales!  Where is Sara!
There's a couple of people making a purchase at the sword vendor.  It sure would be nice to have someone behind our table so WE could make some sales!
I would say approximately 80% of the attendees were in costume at this event!
O where, o where could Sara be...?


(Probably out playing with her Magic Worm somewhere... )

OH!  There she is!  She's out interacting with some of the costumed attendees!  lol
This is definitely not a horror convention!
Putting makeup on?  During dealer room hours?  Sara, what are you doing?  This was supposed to be done BEFORE the room opens!  
"Uh...  Excuse me...  I found Sara's pass inside the bar.  I figure she might need it!"
Costumes, costumes everywhere!
No . . . this is not a typical "camera red eye."  She was wearing exotic contact lenses!  lol
"I'm telling you, Marge, this Carl Merritt is a slave driver!  He's making me stay behind the table!  He beats me!  He threatens me with a riding crop!  My RIBS hurt!  For lunch, he gives me an empty pizza box, and a salad that was BROWN!   I swear, I'm going to kill him!  I'm just glad I'm only scheduled to work Friday!"
Day 2 at A&G.  Saturday.  Tiana's turn to help me at the convention.

And, there were even MORE people are in costume!

I didn't have a hard time finding Tiana on Saturday.  She hung around the table all day, interacting with the customers and drawing in business!
Tiana stole her sister's camera so she could record this event!
And, there was a lot to record!
I don't know...  Maybe the anime/gaming version of Edward ScissorHands?
I'm betting this outfit wasn't cheap!
This was one, great, incredible costume!
Hmmm . . . a twin with twins...  Okaaaay...
Who says there aren't any sexy ladies at gaming/anime conventions??
"If you don't hurry up with taking that damned picture, I'm going to blast you!"
It's hard to believe we actually took time out to sell a few things!  lol
I've never been to a convention where nearly EVERYONE was dressed up in costume!   This just amazed me!
Tiana said she was going to beat me to death if I didn't take her picture with this guy!  lol
Seriously, nearly EVERYONE was in costume!
"Wait 'till they get a load of me!"
It's hard to believe that a lot of these costumes were hand made!
Man!  Would you just LOOK at her outfit!  Fantastic!
I don't know...  This may just be my imagination, however, I think Tiana really enjoyed her time at A&G Ohio!
Day 3 at A&G!  Sunday.  Nadia's turn to help me at the table!
Nadia posing with an attendee!
Nadia really knows how to promote a product!  We didn't SELL many copies of my movie since it was "horror," however, she knows how to promote!  lol
Nadia got a lot of nice comments about her Batman belt buckle!
This customer spent about five minutes with me to explain how she made her horn to stay in place without the use of a headband...
Right before the convention closes down, Nadia just had to get one more picture!


Everyone, everything I said about Sara was a joke to irritate her a little bit!  It's just something we do to each other!  All those pictures taken of an empty dealer table was when Sara was running an errand for me!  lol  Truth be told, Sara was there setting up the table 2 1/2 hours before the convention even started.  The only other time she took off was when I sent her out to get me a drink!  And, as anyone who knows her can tell you, Sara is too professional to be putting on makeup, or to be on the phone during convention hours!  lol


Actually, all three models were the best workers I could ever hope for.  You can expect to see a lot more of Sara, Tiana and Nadia at future conventions!


A&G Ohio turned out to be not only very profitable for me as a vendor, but a fun convention as well.  Additionally, the staff was one of the most courteous of any staff I've ever seen at a convention!  A&G Ohio will be on my list of future conventions for as long as they'll have us!