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In an effort to help promote the best science fiction book on the planet Earth, model/actress/cover girl, Nikky Irene, has volunteered to pose for some shots with my novel.   Folks, even though Nikky is a professional model and actress, this sweet girl is not even asking for any money for this.   Therefore, I plan to give this young lady as much exposure as I possibly can on my site, so you'll eventually see different pictures of Nikky all over Abe's Tomb.   What kind of pictures?  Where will they be located at on Abe's Tomb?   Who knows?   Browse around and look for them!


E-Mail Nikky!   Don't be bashful!   She's playful, smart, outgoing as hell, loves E-Mail, and said to be the "Girl Next Door," so there's no reason to be afraid of contacting this little lady.


Nikky's E-Mail Address: 

To see more of Nikky, make sure to visit her web site at



Nikky's Resume

Several pageants, 


Two modeling schools,

Leads in independent films, 

Small parts in teasers to independent films,

 Has stared in live numerous promotions & commercials,

Played leading role in Birth of a Bitch Goddess,

Played "Helen" in The Cutting Room,

Feeding the Masses, by Scorpio Films - Spring 2004

Playing a lead role in  PHANTOM OBSESSION - Summer 2004

Also, Nikky has more projects currently in the works.


Print Work

"Post Mortem Magazine" interviewed 2004
"Post Mortem Magazine" Cover Girl 2004 & 2005
"Post Mortem Magazine" ads - 2004 & 2005
Total Photographic Imagery
Rhode island Providence Film festival Program Book 2003
Glamour Studios (Providence Phoenix)
LifeTouch Studios
Glamour Studios (Ad Model)
Photographer Jimmy James (several photo sessions for print and artist portfolio)
Photographer Hank Sousa (artist portfolio)




Nikky (right) posing with her best friend, Lyla Sullivin, at the Twisted Nightmare Weekend convention in Akron, Ohio, on Sunday, 9/21/03.
Watch for Nikky at all the Sci-Fi and Horror conventions!  She'll be the beautiful blonde melting the hearts of every male on the floor.

Nikky's Photo Gallery

Shadup!  I'm reading!
Go ahead and take your pictures, Carl.  Just let me sleep while you're doing it!!
Noooo...   I don't think I'd better move the magazine!  LOL This job just KILLS ME!!!
Awww...  Isn't this little fellow so CUTE?? That's it!!  I quit!  This job is KILLING ME!! Can anyone tell me where the pool is?
Ahhh!   Nice warm SUNSHINE!!! I'm the "Girl Next Door!"  Wanna come out and play? What??  I can't even be alone in the spa???  Oh, well.  Anyone want to give me a rub down?
This picture is the last that will be seen on the covers of Post Mortem Magazine. This business of dying is getting old!  I want to PLAY!!!
New pictures of Nikky will be added as often as possible.  And hopefully, my supply of pictures will be replenished soon.
You're NEVER going to let me read, are you?
Vampire girls suck!! This is my best friend, LYLA! WHAT???  Don!  You want me to suck on the book for the next picture???
Well!!  If nobody wants to join me in the pool, I'll just get out! No, Carl!  I won't let go of this sheet.  It's just too cold in here! Why have you got the heat turned off, Carl?  I'm getting cold!!
You want this shirt open MORE??



Nikky's Stats


Age:   (Ageless) 
Height:   5'4"
Weight:   110 
Chest:   33b 
Waist:   24 
Hips:   35 
Hair:  Blonde
Eye Color:   Blue

Skin Color:   White/Tanned  


"I am having a rather rough time of things right now, but I'll be back in the limelight soon!  I hope to see you all September 30, 2005 when I hit the Cinema Wasteland Convention with Carl, Amanda, Gail and Sherri!"
   - Nikky


Nikky's E-Mail: 

Nikky's Web Site:




Top Promotional Model for!


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Nikky's Full Official Stat Readout



Height: 5’4”

Weight: 110 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Bust: 34b

Waist: 24

Hips: 35 

Dress: 7/8

Pants: 5/6

Shirt: Sm.-Med.

Shoes: 8-8 1/2



Acting & Promotional Experience

“Feeding The Masses” Scorpio Film Releasing (Premier 9/2004)

Leading role in "Phantom Obsession" by TimberWolf Entertainment (2004)
“Cutting Room” Lazarus entertainment 2004 (not yet Released)
Interviewed on Scifi Ninja Theater @ ChillerTheatre April, 2004 and October, 2003
“Bloody Giblets” & “Anal Paprika” (Troma Tribute as Tromette) Low Budget Pictures 2004
Promo commentary for an Independent film (not yet released) 2003
Appearances on several local news, cable access ,and online interviews 2003 & 2004 
Characters Portrayed: “Tooth fairy”& Barbie” 
Appearance on An Hour w/Bob
Masquerade Fashion Show 2001 
Magician’s Assistant 2001
Factory of Terror (vampire show) 2001 
“Swimmimg Upstream” (extra) 2000
“Birth of a Bitch Goddess” (lead role) 1999



“Super Tromette ” Chiller Theatre April 2004 “Super Tromette” 
Cinemawasteland 2004
“Super Tromette” Frightvision 2004 “Super 
Tromette” Chiller Theatre Oct. 2003
“Fleet of Angels” book by Carl Merritt (promotional model) @ Frightvision 
2004 & Cinemawasteland 2004
“Super Tromette” Twisted Nightmare weekend 2003 “Super Tromette” 
Dragon Con 2003
Providence Film Festival (appearance and ad model) 2003
Promotional work & Live Advertisements
Dunkin Donuts (Bigger Muffin), “Simon Says” (Jump Start Music Cd), 
Parliament (Party Zone-Several Locations), EA Sports, Levis L2, Oreo Cookie 
Stacking Contest, G.P.C. (George Strait Chevy Concert Tour), Febreeze Clean 
Wash, Pantene Hair Care Products, Olay Total Effects, Swiffer Sweeper, Olay 
Daily Facials, Revlon (liquid lip color), Physique Hair Care System, Dryell


Online appearances

Featured Tromette 

Top promotional model for 
Interview w/Lloyd Kaufman on Entertainment Insiders 
Various other websites for photos and interviews and appearances


Print work

“Post Mortem” magazine interview 2004 
“” Magazine ad model 2004 & 2005

“Post Mortem” cover girl 2004 & 2005
Total Photographic Imagery 
Rhode Island Film Festival Program Book
Glamour studios (Providence Phoenix) Lifetouch Studios
Glamour studios (ad Model) Photographer 
Jimmy James (several photo sessions for print)
Photographer Hank Sousa (artist portfolio)<