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We once had a call from some clients who wanted to sell their house and move out to the country.   We would follow the same procedure we always do., set up an appointment to view the home and sum up a "Brokers Price Analysis."   We went through the process and listed the house for sale.  We found them the perfect house in the country.  They would be moving out of their home soon.  I went over to the home to take pictures for the flyer.  Upon arriving, the house looked harmless, somewhat serene sitting among the trees at the end of the street.  It was a house that was built in the 70's.  It had two levels with a big yard.  It sat on approximately one acre of land.  The yard was grown over, but I could tell that at one point someone had put a lot of love into the upkeep.  Upon entering the house I immediately felt uneasy.  When you walk in the door you have the choice of going down the stairs or moving forward which brings you to the main level of the home.  I mentioned to Mark later that day that I felt uneasy in the house and noticed some strange things while I was there.  There was a head of a "Devil" sitting on the table in the living room.  I also found it quite unnerving that there were plastic dolls, some with just torsos hanging from the ceiling.  I decided to wait on the pictures and went downstairs.  It was very dark.  There were 4 more bedrooms, a huge living area and a bar.  The bar was like a dark cave.  Another room was situated towards the back and was also like a cave.  There were no windows.  I felt a very strong presence, ran up the stairs and left.  I decided to come back later to take the pictures when I wasn't alone.  The owners cleared everything out.  Now the house sat there vacant.  I went back with my daughter and boyfriend.  We were able to get enough pictures for the flyer, but all of us were very uneasy.  My daughter covered her ears as if she could hear someone.  She was crying and saying, "No stop, we have to leave."  We left immediately.  Mark, who is not easily scared off, said he would not go back there again at night.  A few months had passed and the house still sat vacant with no buyers.  Most clients who we would take through would not stay long enough to go through the entire house.  One client started walking down the stairs and backed up quickly.  She looked at me and said she felt as though someone did not want her down there.  Needless to say, she did not buy the house.


My sister had been very ill.  She was in the hospital for a couple of months and eventually passed on.  I spent a lot of time out of town and it was hard for me to work and concentrate for quite some time.  My father then passed away three weeks after my sister.


The house still sat vacant.  It was time to get back to work and I was asked to hold an Open House.  It was a pretty day.  The sun was out and I was determined to have a productive day.  I pulled into the driveway and unloaded all my signs.  I entered the house.  There was a card table and one chair sitting in the kitchen.  I decided that would be a perfect place to set up for the day.  I was sitting at the table reading, waiting for someone to come through when I heard an odd, yet somewhat familiar, unnerving sound.  I tried to ignore it but it became louder and louder.  It seemed to echo throughout the entire house.  I realized what it was.  It was that undeniable sound of a ventilator.  It is a sound that haunts me to this day.  One that only one can relate to if they too have witnessed their loved one laying there with this machine breathing for them.  I could not seem to move quick enough to get out the door.  I managed to grab my cell phone and was making my way out.  The first thing I saw was my car sitting in the driveway.  The driverís side door was open!  I felt as if the house was mocking me, and asking me to leave.  I tried to call Mark from my cell phone but it said "no service."  Reluctantly, I made my way to the front door and locked it.  Forget the signs.  I couldn't get out of there quick enough.

A few months later I saw the previous owner.  She was a petite woman with long black hair with one white streak through it.  I mentioned to her that I felt a presence in her previous home.  She looked at me and replied, "I summoned them."

- Renee



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