Guidelines for Submitting Stories



1)  There are no word count restrictions whatsoever.  However, all stories must be of the horror genre and be of a subject matter other than Abe's Tomb.  Furthermore, all stories must meet the approval of Carl R. Merritt, who will make the final determination if the story is suitable for this site.  No stories which contain scenes of graphic sex, child abuse or condone the use of drugs, or other harmful materials will even be considered.  In other words, no story can contain content which may be deemed unsuitable for children.  

2)  No compensation will be given to any author other than the knowledge that their story will be enriching the lives of thousands of readers from all over the world.  The author retains full rights to their story and is free to submit it elsewhere at any time.

3)  Please submit stories, accompanying graphics, and other material by E-Mail in ".zip" format to:   Sending the zipped file as an attachment would be best.  Please try to use HTML format when submitting your stories.  If not, then try to use either MS Word, or Word Perfect.  Any version of these two processors is acceptable.

4)  If the author does not wish to have his/her E-Mail or web site addresses posted on the "Links" page, please tell me.  Otherwise, that information will be posted.


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