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June 7, 2005

Disaster Strikes Barclay Books!

Everyone, it is with deep regret that I inform you that it will no longer be possible to order copies of Fleet of Angels through Barclay Books or myself.  The publisher was ravaged by fire on Saturday, June 4, 2005.  The E-Mail I received today from my publisher said that insurance was not going to cover the loss, and this effectively put Barclay Books out of business.  I have only a few copies left at my house, however, I plan to keep them as mementoes.   Until supplies run out, the only way to order a copy of Fleet of Angels at this point is through Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com.  Their distributors may or may NOT have quite a supply left, so I'm making no guarantees how long this will be possible.

Keep checking back from time to time for further updates.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who bought a copy of my first published work.  I want to thank all of you who took the time to E-Mail me also.  It is my hope that I can someday once again entertain the world with stories of Commander Keller and his Fleet of Angels

- Carl R. Merritt

Author of Fleet of Angels


December 13, 2004

As I've stated before, I've added a new message board to my site.  The purpose of this board is to help in the promotion of other writers, actors, publishers. artists, producers and just about everyone else in the entertainment industry.   Writers can upload pictures of their book covers, and artists can upload some sample graphics of their work if they so desire.  It's free to use, so don't be bashful if you are someone in the entertainment industry.

December 5, 2004

1) The week before last, Abe's Tomb was down while I changed web hosts.  Now that everything is back up and running again, I've added a GREAT message board and a new chat room.  The links for these new items are on my index (www.carlmerritt.com) and as soon as I have time to update the rest of my site, the old message board links will be changed to reflect the new features.  

2) Nikky Irene and I are selling advertising space for Post Mortem Magazine.  If you need some nice exposure and great prices, contact one of us.   Make sure to put the words "Post Mortem Ad" in the subject line, please.

3) Coming soon to Abe's Tomb will be an online store.  What will 'ole Abe be selling?  Good question.  Check back in a few weeks...

4) Coming in February, a few of us here at Abe's Tomb may start making (quality) web sites for anyone free of charge.  There are some details that have to be worked out first, however, I can see it happening.

July 10, 2004

Just a quick update on important issues...

1) Nikky Irene, one of the hottest young models and actresses on the East Coast, has volunteered to be the promotional model for Abe's Tomb and my novel, Fleet of Angels.  Since she has begun gracing the Tomb's pages three months ago, the average total unique hits has risen over ten percent.  Thanks, little girl.  That's another one I owe you. 

2) My "CarlMerritt.com" mailbox is just about full nearly 100% of the time these last few months.  Please continue to use the Compuserve address listed below to order books.


3) Due to my wife's ongoing illness and promotional work for the first book, the second book in the Fleet of Angels series is barely creeping along . . . same goes for new stories about Abe and his friends.  About all I'm managing to do anymore is upload new stories from other writers in the very popular  "Tales of Terror" section.

4) There are now more sites that have won an award from Abe than I care to count.  All of them have links.  So . . . if you want to hit some of the best web sites on the net, make sure to click on the "Win Abe's Award" section.

February 17, 2004


In addition to being able to order "the best science fiction novel on the planet" at your local book stores, you can now order Fleet of Angels at your local library!

Just give the ISBN number to the librarian in charge, and tell him or her to ORDER it for you!

The ISBN number is: 1-931-402-33-7


November 3, 2003

I'm now looking for a production company to make a movie of Abe's Tomb.  If interested, contact me at the address directly below.  

November 3, 2003

Due to recent promotion on my book, Fleet of Angels, my regular E-Mail account is jammed.  Until further notice, please use CarlMerritt@compuserve.com   Thanks, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

Don't forget to check out the Media Promotion page located in the Fleet of Angels section.  In there, you'll find newspaper articles about me, a television interview and much more.

November 8, 2002

I've made some changes to the awards that 'ole Abe gives out.  For those of you who already have an award, if you like the newer versions better than the one you have, feel free to replace it.  For those of you with sites that does NOT have an award from Abe yet . . . apply.  Don't be left out.

October 29, 2002

The reviews are really starting to come in for Fleet of Angels now.  There are also pictures posted of my book signings.  Click HERE to check them out.  It will open up in a new window.

October 29, 2002

A few new stories have been added to Tales of Terror, including three more from Kathi Deavers.  Check them out.

September 28, 2002

Yep, Fleet of Angels is finally published.  It looks like sales may be soaring also.  (Breaks my heart!)  For information on Fleet, including an excerpt, what (normal) people are saying about my book, and where I'll be having my book signings, click on the picture of that pretty blonde on Abe's main page.

February 18, 2002

Due to the demand of the readers, the story "Athena" will be posted sometime in the near future rather than later on in the year.  To answer a lot of questions . . . yeah, the face of the picture is that of a fine lady I work with.  (Sorry, she doesn't want her name mentioned.)  The rest of the picture I downloaded off the net and changed around to meet the needs of the story.  

Also, here's an update for Fleet of Angels.  It's possible that it may be available in stores before the end of the year . . . possibly as early as late summer, 2002.  Keep your fingers crossed.  -Carl 

February 18, 2002

A New Section for Abe's Tomb!!

Today, a totally new section was posted on Abe's Tomb.  The Halls of Hell!  It will eventually feature the gothic art from various artists who wish to gain exposure for their work.  Click HERE and check it out.

November 19, 2001

I recently received word that my science fiction novel, Fleet of Angels, was accepted by Barclay Books, LLC.   Release date is sometime toward the end of 2002.   I plan on using the entrance of Abe's Tomb to help promote the book.  The rest of this site will remain mostly the same.  Don't worry, everyone, I'll still be posting new stories of Abe whenever time allows.   (I've got three more stories ready to be edited.  They'll be up soon.)   

June 12, 2001

If you are feeling tired, or if you have an ailment such as that of my wife, click here for an idea that will help.  This is not a paid advertisement, nor is it a joke.

May 26.2001

It may interest all you readers to know that Abe's Tomb has grown tremendously in popularity since the move from the GO Network.  With the addition of the games and jokes to keep you all occupied while you're waiting for new stories to be posted, the number of hits per day have tripled!  Thank you everyone, for your patronage and for telling all your friends about Abe's Tomb!  (And no, that doesn't mean that I'll start charging you to read the stories.  As I have promised in the past, they will always be totally free.)

May 26, 2001

Recently, someone has tried breaking into one of my tracking systems.  I hope they have realized by now that all attempts to do so are recorded and all information on the attempts is sent directly to me.  Trust me, it's the trackers you don't see that give me all my information.  The ones you see are basically just a counter backup.   Please don't try again.  It's just a waste of your time and mine.

January, 2001

Due to a family emergency, the stories of Abe's Tomb will be a little slow in coming for the foreseeable future.  However, they will continue to be posted as time allows.  For those of you who have sent me E-Mail, requesting that I not stop writing Abe's Tomb after the planned thirty stories, your wishes will be fulfilled.   Abe's Tomb will be around for a long time.  But for the present, please be patient.  Thanks, everyone.  -Carl

May 1, 2001

Due to NetColony having the stability of a gust of wind, Abe's Tomb will now host all the jokes previously posted on "Carl's Haven."  The old site is still operational, but will no longer be updated.  Check out Abe's jokes when you get a chance.  Two more pages have been added.  (And yes, you still have to E-Mail me for the password for the dirty jokes.  No one under 18 will gain access.  The password has been changed.)

Now, the GREAT news!

Starting around July 2001, Abe will be the proud host of various professional writers and publishers from around the world!  Keep your eyes peeled for horror stories submitted from such outstanding writers as Terry Wright, T. M. Gray, Kathi Deavers, Jay Emerson, J. W. James and more!  The name of the new section?  Tales of Terror

Kathi Deavers, one of the hottest writers of horror on the web, and Carl Merritt, author of the popular Abe's Tomb series, has joined forces to write a full length horror novel, entitled The Dreamsweepers!  It's gonna be a real killer! 

In addition, Kathi has had the fortune to be noticed by the media!  KFJC, a radio station in San Francisco, contacted Kathi recently.  They wanted to feature Kathi as an up and coming author and asked her to read one or two of her stories on the air!  Way to go, Kathi!

Carl's Sci/Fi novel, Fleet of Angels, won the First Prize award at Gardenia Press' writing conference!  This COULD just mean that after seven hard years of blood, sweat, turmoil and tears, Carl is FINALLY going to get published!

YAH!  I'm proud of THIS one!

One of Kathi's horror stories was seen in October's issue of "Blood Roses . . . A Journal of Dread."  Way to go again, gal!

When the evening turns to dusk,
When day turns into night,
When the mist creeps 'ore the earth,
The demons take to flight.

Sometimes in groups, sometimes alone,
Forever on their quest,
To steal your soul is what they want,
To rob you of your rest.

Not young nor old nor in-between,
Are safe within their bed,
The demons cannot, will not stop,
That is, until you're dead.

So if at night, when darkness falls,
And sleep is what you dread,
Beware the demons may have come
To play inside your head.

- Katherine Deavers

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