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Tales of

Abe's Tomb

Run of the Bullies
Too Much to Lose
The Attack
Better Than One
Times Past
Night of the Bats
Eternal Entity
Evil Within
The Next Life
Beyond Existence

Worse Than Death
Blood War
To Thy Own Self
A Tale of Dread
A Will to Kill
Too Late the Hero

The ESPer - Part I

The ESPer - Part II

The ESPer - Part III

Title 23
Title 24
Title 25
Title 26
Title 27
Title 28
Title 29





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"Welcome to my tomb!!  Your request?"

Abe has been gone from this world for over a hundred years, but that doesn't mean he's been completely dead.  He returns from the spirit world whenever someone enters his tomb requesting a wish.  He will fulfill it, of course . . . but only for a price.  The question is, do you want to pay?

Owned by Carl R. Merritt, Abe's Tomb is home to some of the best horror stories on the net.  Abe's stories are off to the left and the long-awaited Tales of Terror, just below.  If you're done reading, or waiting for the next story, don't forget to check out the online games, original art, and the jokes.  Enjoy.

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You may freely read any of these short stories that you like.  You may download them or print them out if you want to read them offline.  You can do just about anything on this site your little heart desires except use any of these short stories in any manner for your own benefit.  Remember one thing . . . all of the "Abe's Tomb" stories have been copyrighted and may not be duplicated or posted on any other web site.  I WILL take violators to court over this issue, so don't try me.  Lastly, it would be best to read Abe's stories in the order in which they appear as they are all a continuing story. 



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Although some of the graphics on this site are original, most came from different web sites, including Jan's Courtyard.  Their links are on my Main Link Page.  Visit them.  They've put a lot of work into their sites and it shows.


All ye who enter beware! A price for those who dare!

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"Important note: No animals were harmed or killed in the creation of this web site.  However, there's still plenty of time to change all that... "    -Abe

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