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Welcome to Abe's Cavern of Jokes, a separate pit within Abe's Tomb dedicated to just one thing . . . your amusement.  None of these jokes are copyrighted, so you're free to "Paste & Copy" to your E-Mail if you wish.  To access the dirty jokes (password protected) E-Mail me.  If I think you're old enough, I'll give you the password.  Best advice: If you don't know the password, don't even attempt to access the dirty jokes.  If you enter the wrong password, it's a little difficult to navigate back to this page.  Lastly, don't forget to check out the rest of my site when you're done with the jokes.  Things get MUCH better! lol
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Warning:  whereas nothing on this site is X-Rated, some of the material in this section may be considered a little . . . off color. 


For password to dirty jokes, Email me.


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