Welcome to Tales of Terror!!!

Welcome to Tales of Terror, an entirely new section of Abe's Tomb devoted entirely to horror stories from authors located all over the globe.  Some of the writers in this section have works that are already published, while others are still climbing the ladder to fame.  But all have two things in common . . . they love to write and are the best at what they do.  

This first page has horror stories written by authors who have been published in one form or another.  Check below for stories by authors who have not been published.  No preference was given to the order in which these stories were listed with the exception of the dates I received them.  These stories have been copyrighted and are the sole property of the authors.  You may read these stories, but that is all.  You may not distribute these tales of terror, or post them on any other site without the author's permission.

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With all that having been said . . . enjoy reading these tales of terror!


Horror Stories
Banquet of Bones

T. M. Gray

The Dream House

Carl R. Merritt


Paul Melniczek

The Wedding Ring

Terry Wright

The Briefcase 

J. W. James

Not Perfect

Paul Lockey

The Step Monster

J. W. James

Not Quite Paradise

  Carl R. Merritt

Night Whispers

Kathi Deavers

The Beauty Queen

Terry Wright

Just Walking the Dog

Mark West

Sasquatch Cafe

Brian Knight


J. W. James

I Just Want to Go Home

Richard Lee


Harry Shannon

From Below

John Grover


Kathi Deavers

The Bargain Hunter

Kathi Deavers

Long Time No Sea

Kathi Deavers

To Reach the Gates of Avalon    

Eric S. Brown

Miss Mudge's Retirement

The Old Wife


Elena Dorothy Bowman

Poetry by Lanaia Lee

Lanaia Lee

Sorrow's Pain

Erin O'Malley

The Birth of a Vampire

Erin O'Malley


Kathy Bobo

Disclaimer and Copyright Information


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